The Waukeenah Methodist Church was established in 1837. The original two acres of the cemetery were acquired from Alexander and Silety Jernigan on August 26, 1841.

An additional acre was acquired from Maria E. Ulmer, widow of Charles Tullis Ulmer, on September 24, 1853 for the erection of a "House or Place of Worship".

The church, built by slaves, out of logs, stood near this marker and was used until 1887 when a new church was erected at another site.

Cemetary is located @ Waukeenah Cemetery Road, US 27 South, Waukeenah, FL 32344

The cemetery is a historical, Pre-Civil War cemetery and contains graves of veterans who fought in the Civil War, Spanish-American War, WWI and WWII.

Many prominent names appear in the list of those buried here. Among them are plantation owners, doctors, legislators, pastors, early settlers and relatives of royalty.

Restoration and preservation of the cemetery is an ongoing project of the Waukeenah United Methodist Church.