Cobb, James Vatiel Warren "V. W."

FEB 1836 - 11/23/1926

Sgt. CSA CO A 1 FLA CAV. Father of Jimmie Cobb Armstrong, Minnie Cobb Massey, and Janie Harris.

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2 thoughts on “Cobb

  • Peggy Cooper

    This is my great grandfather. Thank you so much for this information. Very interesting and I learned so much more than I previously knew. My name is Peggy Roper Hutchinson Cooper. My mother was Janie Pauline Harris Roper and her mother was Janie Gelzer Cobb Harris, daughter of James V. W. Cobb. If you have any more information, please let me know or if there is anything I can assist with information. Peggy

    • Karen

      Hello Peggy,

      Thanks for responding with information. Did you know Jimmie Cobb Armstrong? She lived here in Waukeenah and I knew her very well. Lovely Lady!

      Do you have additional information on James VW Cobb as: place of birth, wife, parents, Raised were, occupation, why came to Waukeenah, FL. etc. I would like to put any additional info in his profile.

      Please send any additional information you have about your grandfather (biography details, pictures, etc.)

      The best way to send me everything is to create a support ticket:

      Karen Buzbee Walker, Cemetery Committee