Hale, Mary Phillips

04/06/1905 - 07/29/1988

1st marriage-Johns. 2nd-Sandy Prevatt, Sr. 3rd-Brantley Hale. Daughter of Orman Thompson Phillips Hightower. Sister to Verona Buzbee, Eunice Clarke, & Jackie Walters. Father was Isador Phillips. Mother of RL & Daphne Johns Webber; Sandy, Jr., Carolyn & James Earl Prevatt. Born and raised in Waukeenah . Married and moved to Jacksonville. Helped her husband Brantley in the jewelry businesss until they retired back to Waukeenah. She loved to work in her flowers and always had a beautiful yard full. Her main hobby was fishing with the local ladies at all the ponds, creeks, and mudholes.

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